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FROADN Fabrication teams with passionate UTV enthusiasts to eliminate the bland, generic, and limiting features of their stock UTV's by providing artistic expertise and premier equipment to transform the UTV they drive into a purpose-built show-stopper they will love.

When you work with FROADN Fabrication you're not just customizing your off-road equipment with the best, but you're customizing with a team who is passionate about the off-road community.

From the burro buggies of the 60's to pre-runners, dune buggies, rock crawlers and UTV's; our combined experience and love for the off-road community has been woven into our family history for generations and we're proud to share that with you.  Here at Froadn Fabrication we pull from that collective family history and passion for off-roading lifestyle to supply you with well-rounded knowledge and expertise for the off-road industry.  Whether you're into trail-width mountain exploring, extreme overlanding, high speed desert washed, off-road racing, or family-fun weekend adventures, we can help get you everything you need to dominate the dirt road.

From the moment you walk in the door, you become part of the Froadn Fabrication family.  Our mission is to elevate your experience in every way possible.  You and your vehicle are the top priority at all times and we strive to bring you excellence during every communication and with all the work we perform.  You'll be sure to find commitment and ingenuity with FROADN Fabrication.

Give us a call or send us a message today! We would love to join you in making your dream a reality.  You'll be glad you chose FROADN Fabrication!

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